Experience: The true definition in IT

I have always thought experience in a skill or job is defined by the number of years or hours one has spend working on a product with a company. Never have i realised that actually doing it for an assignment might truly count as a form of experience when applying for a potential job. Lately I applied for a role in a company X, which in return sent me a form to evaluate my skills level through a matrix. Whilst doing the form, being Asian, my mind just revolved around proper work experience, which in comparison with the form i had null.

A few weeks later, and after a nice lecture from my mentor, and a shock news on a job application i made, which went to a person i knew. I realised i might have sabotaged my own application with withhelding the experience i have with doing the relevant stuff.

So my dear future applicants, remember experience counts, whether its at work or its a hobby, please state it clearly in your CV. It will help a great deal broadening the spectrum of getting a job.

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