SSD Land. Unraveled and beautifully fast

So the curiosity has been at its peak when it came to buying and testing out a SSD drive. So what is SSD, it is Solid State Device. Pretty much, in tech terms solid state means that, it has an element of semi-conductors, and electrical pulses involved in data transfer and storage. So yeah, a flash you might say.

So i got 3 different SSD drive modules from three different vendors.

Intel SSD 530 series, 120G
Samsung 840 EVO, 250G
Crucial MX550, 256G i think.

I would have to say, if you own an APPLE, get an SSD. Its just blindingly fast 🙂 🙂 It becomes an addiction. 😀 Sorry guys, no reviews here. Plenty out there from Tomshardware particularly. Too much hard work from my side 🙂 🙂

Done with my Graduate Diploma in Information Assurance and Security

Happy New Year! Yes i am back again with an update. Hoorah, i am done with my GDip in IAS, and currently i am in an awesome internship, with an awesome team. I really hope to get back into this team one day.

I currently have an impromptu interview with a Network Engineering team, tomorrow and i am preparing for it. Never knew Karma will always hit back a notch and I would have to get back to my networks again.

So what is my technical goal for 2015. Still undecided yet.