Back to posting :)

Hello again.
I have just been busy the past few weeks with my assignments and getting some sleep, that i have slacked off to some of the most important events that has occured for me. This is the list of events that has happened the last 2 weeks

1. Participation in the Little OC Gathering organized by Team BTL
2. My first use of DICE to achieve 5.0Ghz on an e8400.

More to come later 🙂 Keep tuned

600 cl4-4-4-4

back 🙂 its funny today how elementary my mistake could have been to not realise that p35 motherboards have a problem with their slot 1 and slot 3 lolz. Once i switch my slots to slot 2 and slot 4, the rams literally flew 🙂 lolz. this is a screenshot of what i achieved lolz

600Mhz cl4-4-4-4 which is 1200 cl4-4-4-4 lolz.

Will post more screenies… i am looking to get back to my good old proc again, the e2140 soon 🙂

Finally broke the 13m 30s barrier :)

As i am getting closer to that 13m 1*s mark.. i am learning so many new things along the way. Overclocking is so much fun after all! My latest effort of tweaking brought me to 13m 29s 🙂

I should be preparing for the OC gathering as i wanna aim to get my first prize as the best low clock tweaker in Malaysia.. hopefully. Big Dreams, but never know till i try hard. As my dad says, never live in your comfort zone, you will never know your true potential!

If i broke the low clock record by AndreX_X, i would like to tribute it to 3 ppl which would be YoungPro, ojdr2001 and my beloved team, TeamBTB.