PCI DSS v3.0 Basics

Why is PCI DSS standards relevant to you? Yes, you, the person who runs financial transactions over the world wide web for your company. Well it is relevant because it pretty much protects the sensitive data of users using the card payment transaction services at your site from misuse by dirty operators or black hat aficionado.

With all those breaches you hear about in the news, maybe it is time for you to invest on some proper standards compliance so the potential breach can be avoided

There are six points that make up the standard. The points are:
1. A secure network must be maintained in which transactions can be performed.
2. Card-holders information should be stored security. Basically upholding the privacy of the card-holder.
3. All solutions that make up the secure network must be updated and upgraded to current security standards, to prevent malicious perpetrators from gaining access/hacking
4. The use of sound access control methodologies and proper document handling procedures in place for user data.
5. Network monitoring is a must. Assets that uphold the secure network should be well maintained.
6. The company should have a information security policy in place. This should be constantly audited and the policy must be practiced all the time.

If your site is running credit card transactions, are you PCI DSS compliant? If you are not, it is about time you are!

For more information on PCI DSS standards, check out

And currently it is version 3: https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/documents/PCI_DSS_v3.pdf

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