Frustration update

Where have the priorities of lecturers gone? Are they in universities to teach and guide, or just to get their own work done? if they want to do that, please don’t teach and take students as understudies or for final yr project students. It only de-motivates someone and keeps them in a lonely spot.

And to anonymous:

You expect 120% commitment from me, but wheres your f commitment? When i come to see you on your consultation hours, ur busy with ur other projects, then don’t put ur hours there, its a waste of time for me, because i have to walk 30 minutes in the hot sun and waste 2 hours in college just to see you,

time is MONEY rite? I give it my ALL in this project and my all to my colleagues project. What ARE YOU DOING? blah, no point talking to someone’s who has given up on himself. and just taking care of his own self. I dont even know why i was loyal to you and stood by you and did this university project with you.