Malaysian ISP and their failures with Information Security.

What pisses me off the most is when funding goes to R&D and operations to big ISPs in Malaysia and particularly a government owned ISP does not care at all about its users and the potential security risk their sites might have. From the perspective of a commoner, there is no reason to care and make sense of the potential risk one site might have in terms of data secrecy and information breach. I would like to introduce you to the wonder site managed by ISPx, One might have a new site to login but for god sake please take this site off production. Thx.

When you run a Qualys test on the site, you are in for a disaster result. I do not wish to disclose the results here but this is terrible. I wish i can sack their information security head for being so ignorant with the problems of the site. Okay, even if you do not manage the site anymore, there are lots of users who have personal data on that site. I have tried addressing this to ISPx but to my failure. It always falls on deaf ears.

This probably goes for most of the sites which share the same certificate under the unifi or tm domain. I “applaud” the work done by the security team of ISPx. Why do we pay big bucks then. No idea! Now to the biggie, it is probably the biggest social engineering campaign. There is no verification that it is a Unifi site on Facebook but they have their own form and site, and the details they collect. Man.. seriously, what are you doing ISPx? dont you have a opsec team. Hire me, ill do you a great favor!

Bite me, ISP x. You failed Information Security Practices 101.

The beginnings of my life in New Zealand. Part 1

Kia ora! I was thinking about writing this one. It might induce some flak or opposition to the sellers of New Zealand life and whatsoever, but it has to be done. Truth is important. I live and breath New Zealand air. I love New Zealand but it has to seriously change some parts of its policy so its easier for smart migrants like us to integrate, contribute and live here.

My life in New Zealand have been an interesting one. I have had my ups and downs. The life of living safely and in a slow pace sure does outdo the frantic pace in living in an Asian country. I am from Asia, we live and breathe work. We work hard for the small income we get and we spend it all in the little luxuries we can afford. That of course comes with a great cost, health. Naturally, you will want to move out of that zone so you can have that extra years in you to live old age.

If you look at the places to live online, there are common sights like Scandinavia, Canada, and certain parts of Europe. Australia does well with its ratings but those who live there, can tell you otherwise. Europe and East Asia, are great places to live in, but before you can settle in and get your residency, you will probably be better off living in your own country. Never easy breaking through the fabric of society to land yourself a gem of a job. This left me to one option; New Zealand.

New Zealand…. land of the gods, land of wonder, and the land of beautiful scenery and living. The enticement is real. Mind you, if you are living in Asia, and you read about the splendours of New Zealand, you will be bought over. I was bought over. I loved the prospects, i loved the people, i loved the equality and i loved the way they lived. So, i left my busy life in Asia to the picturesque New Zealand. My new chapter of life begins..

There were few options to consider i came here, to start my new life. If you have a bucket loads of money, then life is always easy. I only have my brains to offer. I, then decided; okay, i will enrol into a course and make it work after that. So i did. I looked up and i got feedback, IT is great and there are many jobs in offer. Information Security was the “in-thing” and jobs will fall at your feet. Remember when i said “enticing”? There you go, from the outside, New Zealand sounded like a dream. I enrolled.

One of the greatest selling points of New Zealand is probably its education. The government has devised a way  to make sure something can sell to bring people in to invest and spend on its economy. So it produced, a one-year level 7 and level 8 program. They guaranteed it was good, and after that jobs come to you in a jiffy. I took up the best of both worlds, a level 7 program and it was in Information Security. How cool was that! The program was sold in such demeanour that even Warren Buffet would have bought shares in a dying IT company any time. I would have to say New Zealand mastered the art of selling. You want to learn about marketing and promotion, learn from New Zealand.

So it begins…. wait for part 2.