CCNA enrolment and C exploits

Its been a while since i have written in this blog. Been caught up with my dissertation and nevertheless time flies really fast. I am currently enrolled in the CCNA modules for “Routing and Switching” as well as “Security”. It would be fun to learn this things in detail. The place i am learning at is the “I-World Technology”. Its a nice place and the staff there are really friendly. The cost is very affordable too.

My dissertation is going on well, with me starting on my C language exploits. I am trying to figure out how to input different programs into one PIC. Sounds easy but believe me, searching it on Google is really hard.

Todays Update :P

I am so happy I found some new light for my dissertation. Besides my dissertation, i have my CCNA papers left to do as well as my driving classes 😛

Hmm, its interesting how you think someone can make you happy, but on the other hand, that person makes you double the insecure 🙂 Well from now on, i am not going to entangle myself into situations like that, i am just going to focus on my work and do whats gotta be done.
Cant wait to go play some computer games today. To release some stress and kill some time. I cant wait to see you online again, hun. Miss you so much.

A good day

Finally got the GK thing sorted out, and started working on my front end for the project.

I need to get more tools for my project, because of some careless procurement earlier on. But i guess once i get the final things sorted out, the circuit would be able to be tested 🙂
Will be enrolling into CCNA and CCNA Security next week. A lot of reading to do. Should be a good side step to pursue besides music editing 🙂 for my friend.

Another day of "FML"

Today was an interesting day. I had a discussion with my supervisor.. but it seems that his mind is very fixed. We went around the bush and he suggested a “two prong” approach and my initial suggestion actually is a cost saver and a great idea. If only we could think in the same frequency of things, i think we would make a great team, my supervisor and i.

Time gets past so quickly, just finished 6 hours of my day playing L4D2 which was fun, but now i am really tired and i was thinking of doing some coding for my computer interface of my project. Nevertheless, its about having a sleepless next few days 🙂 Nescafe is gonna have a field day with me.
I am kind of disgusted with Golden Key because of their non-professional approach of doing things. The person in charge of my application was supposed to get back to me, on it but not a single word on it. Is this always going to be a Malaysian thing or is an international organisation like GK going to step up and give proper customer service. The postal is also another doomed system. The “Track n Trace” does not give a clue on whether GK has received it or not. And tomorrow i have to sort this things out, having my FYP to run.
Just hope tomorrow gets better:) And my life to be rather organised.

A new day, week 5

Today is the start of week 5, there is good progress to my work so far. There are little milestones i am intending to achieve for the day and i hope i achieve it. I am always known to be a procastinator but now, since i really do have nothing to do, i can somewhat focus on myself. A little hard, but worthy for my own self development.

I plan to pick up table tennis again. I hope i have partners to play the game with. And of course L4D2. Its an awesome game, so many things to master and be good in.
Work-wise, i have to perfect my circuit and conclude my literature review. It has been pending the whole weekend, me still sobering up from her moving out. Now i have got things in perspective and i know, if i were to get over her loss in my life, i have to keep myself occupied with the things i have missed all along… my work, sports and friends.
Thats it for now.

september ends.

hello again.

Today is a tough day. Its interesting how 2 yrs have gone and ive fallen in love with an amazing woman. Now that woman is moving on and most likely, she will never come back into my life again. When this moment comes, i do not know how to face it. Only one song comes into my mind.
Green day – Wake me up when September ends.
🙂 ill always be with you, luv. smile and wait for the sunrise and sunset, luv. ill always be there watching over you. i luv u.

Monday Day 5… i think

Things to do for today:

1. Find a methodology for building a PIC
2. Email Cisco Malaysia to find out proper training partners for my CCNA course
3. Call my ex driving school to inquire about re-joining classes again.
4. Prepare my room for painting 🙂
Yay, my room is finally going to be painted. 🙂

Sunday note.

Finally got the Honors society membership done, now i am looking around for a good school to do my Network Associate certification. Many many schools around, but i do not know which to pick 🙂

I visited my grandfather as well, got a lot of pointers and precious advice from him. On weight, on business and on politics. Every week i spend with him, is a step ahead in knowledge and the worlds perspective from a septuagenarian.
I will need to keep track and work out some things so i can organize and get multitude of things done. I cant be lazing around anymore, or not having a plan for myself. One of those widgets from windows 7 should help me 😉

Day 2

I went to Golden Key today in Ampang and waited for a while and to my surprise, well they even accept cash, just cheques and CC online. Who wouldn’t accept cash since, its the most direct form of transaction.

I will be sending them a registered cheque tomorrow, thus settling that issue. I have yet to call the driving institute regarding my reinstatement to driving. Heck, i don’t know what the new rules are now, and how much it would cost me to go through it again.
I am still looking for the right places to do my CCNA, better still with an MCITP or EUCIP which is recognized by the Europeans. Dilemmas, dilemmas. A close friend gave me good advice today in choosing the place for training.
1. Is the trainer teaching of higher qualification than your current pursue
2. Are there good laboratory facilities?