Technical Network Consultant vs Security Technical Specialist

Throughout my 4 years of experience in the working field, i have always been in the juncture in my mind about which direction would suit me best. Perhaps being in my 30s now, it is great to be in the age group where people actually make a concrete footing on the ground to which direction would be in their career journey for the next 10-13 years of life.

I have been privileged to meet great people along the way and one person gave me advice that i have tried escaping from; for ages. The pros and cons of my two dream jobs, and to pick one and move on. So far, it has been tough but this is what i have got from 2 days of thought.

Technical Network Consultant

  1. Hands on experience with network environment
  2. Technology diversity depending on depth of the network
  3. Build and design infrastructures
  4. A clear pathway in education development
  5. Cheaper education
  1. The job market is very saturated and there are no “junior” positions
  2. The demands have stepped up from Associate level knowledge to Professional level knowledge especially in vendor based environments
  3. Most data networks here need certain clearances that only citizens or residence can apply

Security Technical Specialist

  1. In depth view on the technology stack
  2. The ability to weed out bugs and where to find them
  3. Secure the privacy of customers is a joy
  4. The dark side of IT, the intrigue
  1. The cost of re-education is very expensive
  2. The demands of security companies are unreasonable for entry level applicants

This however is a work in progress; and hopefully by day end, i should be able to come up with a finalised pro/con analysis on both the fields.

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