The end of my Abit IP35-E

Today was the last day of my reign as the master of the Abit Ip35-e. Well, its been a good 1 year for me with that board and i achieved quite a lot with that board. I will post up some of achievements with that board once i get flickr or photosite up. Rather now i have bought the much sought after Foxconn Mars. To my dismay, this board is having issues with the e2140. Maybe, i am not a freak in OC, but this is pretty bad, to say the least, i cant even post on a 3.00Ghz clock, which was tad easy with my Ip35-e. It does look like i might have to switch my processor to the beautiful and powerful Wolfsdale processor. Till the next post tomorrow.. ciao.

My Blog Pilot

Oh well, the main reason i started this blog, is to eradicate my boredom besides overclocking. I am never been a good Blogger, as i done this stuff a long while back.. maybe due to the fact that i never really had a good hobby to blog lol. Being a technology enthusiast, i have been priviledged to meet some really interesting people, some who are just barely teenagers, to engineers. Some even retirees.

Hopefully, this journey of overclocking will lead me to greater heights in my life, regardless, technical or in the emotional sense. By the way, i would like to offer my greatest thanks to my team, Team OCX and Team BTB for sparking the fire of overclocking in me again 🙂