Yay to Serverless.

Recently I had the privilege to attend the ServerlessDays Auckland 2018 event(https://serverless.org.nz/). The drive to run this conference comes from the events that occur around the world called JeffConf, now called ServerlessDays(https://serverlessdays.io/).

Serverless have been a buzzword for a couple of years now; starting off with the Serverless Framework(https://serverless.com/) to AWS coming up with AWS Lambda(https://aws.amazon.com/lambda/). Serverless is defined in simple words as a technology framework where developers can write code without having the need to build/operate servers. In this case, all developers need to do is write code, and vendors will manage the infrastructure behind the scenes.

The speaker list was impressive; from Randall Hunt, Matt Brown to Adam Larter; there was a varied representation from big vendors, to internal teams. What made the talk interesting is the capacity of using serverless to run enterprise environments at low cost.