Getting there among the stars

Today i made a little step to the stars by shaving off another few seconds by following the YoungPro-Bravo Model, whereby i use YoungPros memset settings and Bravos duplex CW helped me gain some speed 🙂 I am now learning for more tweaks, and hope the pros can help me 🙂

Copy Waza Freshie

Last night i tried the copy-waza for the first time, and i would have to say that it does work. It depends on what file size works best for you… in which the next few days ill work on it. This is the preliminary stage of copy-wazaing.
Sp32m before CW = 13m 43.375s
Sp32m after CW = 13m 39.710s

I used a 4GB partition for a C —> E —> C, next time ill work with various partitions 🙂

Another day of Benching :)

Today i started on my open bench setup. Its rather simple as my Foxconn Mars permits it. It also saves space for me, and gives me the flexibility to do hardware change or some hardware tweaking on the board itself. So the following below are some pictures taken at day and at night, an open bench setup at work 🙂

Below, is something i have worked on for the last 1 month, due to the personal satisfaction i get beating scores of some people i regard as great overclockers. Theres nothing much really with this score as i am not really employed serious tweaking. I hope by the coming week, i can learn more and better my current time in SP32M
SP32M: 13m 43.375s

KingPin is GodLike

Well, this is my idol…. KingPin a.k.a Vince. No words can describe how good he is overclocking.. go to hwbot and check how good this guy is..

He is the one on the right, on the left, is Shamino.. another great overclocker… wish to meet both of them one day..

Tweaking Part 1 – The Basics

Hmm back again and i have decided to go back to basics. More thoroughly the basics of benchmarking, tweaking! There are many sorts of tweaking, from the basic ones to the more advance level ones, at the moment i am going through the basic ones.. so that advance tweaking will be a breeze later on.

The art of tweaking is an art where if you are short of pulling a high clock on your system, you are to resort to the mechanics of the operating system or the architecture of Intel/AMD itself. At the moment i am going to focus on the Intel/Windows tweaking for Super PI 32M benchmarking.

As the focus here will be on tweaking, the speed and dividers wont be an issue, so my rig will be as following:

Proc: E6600 B2 @ 3.0Ghz
Ram: PC5300 @ 5-5-5-15

The rest at the moment doesnt play a role as the tweaking would involve the software side of it. I have also turn EIST and C1E on. Later on, we will check if this produces a difference.

Firstly, on default, whereby i am running a basic normal setup. I have put on a mono color background. This we will find out later, whether it makes any difference on a SP32M run. In a normal setup, all items are ran at normal, everything boots up and systems work like in everyday life.

SP32M – 18m 49.703s

Oh well, forgot to switch the screenie of the 2nd CPU-z to ram.. If you noticed, this is what we will set as a sample case. We will see if tweaks make this run faster or its neglegable.

On the second run, i have decided to load on a diagnostic setup whereby the operating system only loads basic devices and drivers. No LAN on this time. This is the most basic tweak, a beginner can learn when it comes to SP32M.

SP32M – 18m 45.313s

Well, a diagnostic setup helps a lot! The time has been shaved by 4.39s. The SP32M works mainly on the processor/ram corelation. The faster the processor processes and allocates, and the more emptier the ram is, to allocate them, gives SP32M quicker times. Thus, proving that it might not be 99% speed related when benching this SPi.

On the third run, i will introduce to you the SetMem tweak. This tweak will work alongside the Diagnostic setup tweak, hopefully shaving off the times to lower levels. The SetMem, limits the memory capacity to the most basic minimum, and this can help to cut short time allocating data to each register, lets put it this way, there are 200 slots in a cupboard, and having to choose randomly where to put each book into a slot, this would take some time, but if a restriction of slots are allocated, lets say 50, then the time taken would be faster to allocate them. But in the memory context, since it “goes in and out” at an instant. We will see whether this theory actually works..

To be continued….

Thanks Bryan

Well the Msi comp just passed and i was thinking that Bryan.. haha, noob of competitive benching actually got 4th placing in the MSI Iron Tech 2008.
Bryan a.k.a BryanYeo87 from Lowyat Net is a part of our Team BTB. In fact he is our leader. And i have to say that i am really proud of him to take part in this competition. Oh well, this is a great start and inspiration for all of us. Below is a picture of him with the rest of the participants and the organisers.

From the left: Bryan, Storm88, Superfly, MSI head, Coolice, DbLooi and Lolhalol. Keep on trying TeamBTB 🙂

Hello Acey!

Today i tried doing some benching.. and there are a few interesting observations i made..

1. A newly installed windows.. does kick ass
2.Crucial heatspreaders do nothing but store heat

On the newly installed windows, i could easily hit 3.6Ghz with only 1.55V.. which is a significant leap of voltage compared to the shit-filled os i am at the moment. Nevertheless, i am now gonna separate my oc hdd to my normal hdd. A new lesson learnt.. and yeah my guru is gonna pass me a tweaked OS to bench.. thank you bro.. and gave me new light to tweaks.. will come back to you on that part soon….

Crucial heatspreaders have been a big debate for sometime now.. its just a piece of aluminium and a 3M tape that doesnt do much.. this is a far cry from the Corsair DOminators i used earlier.. where the cooling mechanism was par ultima. Currently i am finding ways to cool down that “woman” so it can perform what its meant to.

Finally, i would like to introduce a new member to my team, AceCombat a.k.a 4c3.. he has been pivotal to my growth in overclocking during the formative years, and i am very happy that he will be a part of my team.. the link to his blog is on my “Favorite Site” tab.

Ram test

Just ran a test on the Crucial Ballistix for errors using the Memtest for Windows software, but no errors. Its tricky though, and i feel now that my 65nm E6600 is giving me a pain. There are a few things now in my wish list.. which is immediate.. hmm well

1. A better processor…
2. A good psu…

Today morning i tried the old hdd sp32m tweak but lolz, didnt work.. as the hdd was a tad bit too SLOW. It is the ST320212S harddisk i think.. its about 8 yrs old. Ill be getting some help from an OC guru soon, and hopefully that tweak actually works..

ON another note, i am really grateful to one man who taught me the virtue of patience, ndgoh from LYN. Hopefully ur reading my blog, bro 🙂 And i am glad to be back ocing.. in small steps.

Rams.. and etc

I saw the beautiful picture taken by oc43 on his team xtreem 1066. It is great to have a d9gkx on the rams. Good on you, brian 😛 My rams are doing great and i did take out the heatsink.. a part of it and i saw d9gmh inscripted and it used the 0.18micron processing. Not learned much about fabrication so well, ill leave that to the experts to figure out.

I am thinking carefully about my cooling for the ram. It seems that the heatspreader doesnt really do much. Its not hot at all. Itchy thoughts came, i wanna put a ThermalRight ram cooler on it. Maybe it would help lolz. Who cares about warranty anyways.. by then, ill be off to DDR2.
One thing to note though, this ram chips are EOL, so it is really hard to find them. I also would have to check whether this rams have an issue at top speeds.

Considering that my processor cant do 400*9 now.. its rather certain that my dividers are too high to hit the 1:1 ratio. This leaves me with little options but to get the all famed e8 series from Intel. SPi is giving me issues as well. Well ill look at it at new light, see how to work on the dividers and PL’s.