I am back.

Following up from lesson 2, it has been around 2 years now since my last post. 2 years of doing heaps of Site Reliability Engineering work with multitudes of customers in the managed services space.

Things have been great, I have been doing heaps of work around Lambdas and AWS, where I do not need to worry about patching, maintenance work and mundane routines, as it has all been coded as “functions-as-a-service”. This is a continuous exercise, as the goal is to be 100% automated. As my life time goal my favourite quote would be, “Being a SRE, means thats all the automation done, only gives us the room to put our two legs up a desk and watch Netflix. The only time we get called is when the moon turns blue” 🙂

As this is my first post after a long two years of absence, it would be great to summarise what I have been up to lately.

I have written and developed solutions for clients using the AWS Simple Service Manager, which manages AMI building, Patching solutions and compliance. This integrates various parts on the AWS ecosystem which does not cost anything and works smoothly with no hiccups. Pretty cool for a SRE like myself dealing with multiple clients.

I also have gone through strides in getting my AWS certifications up to date and picking up some programming skills along the way to fully utilise the Lambda functionality.

I have also moved on from API Talent to Deloitte as part of an acquisition exercise which means that it would be an awesome time to actually be part of the pioneering cohort of SRE techs for Deloitte New Zealand.

In my next post, I will be continuing my season of episodes on my journey from being an ops tech to a SRE tech;