2016 New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!! It is 2016 today and when I reflect upon my undertakings in 2015, i notice that i barely achieved 10% of my goals. This calls to say that, relating your goals to what you do everyday is probably the best way to look at it.

My personal goals are defined by three factors; economics, personal life and career. This are the 3 key functions needed in a successful run for a year. I shall start with my career.

To make sure these resolutions are good, we should follow the SMART goal system. SMART is defined as Specific. Meaningful. Action Oriented. Realistic. Timely


My career goals.
1. Achieve 100% uptime and non-breached SLAs for the fiscal year 2016. Build the API Talents operations
2. Achieve my AWS Solutions Architect and System Operations Associate Certification
3. Become a senior support engineer

My Personal Life goals
1. By end of fiscal 2016, become 80kg
2. Start PR process
3. Help refugee and migrants through MCLaSS volunteering

My Economic goals
1. Save 25% of my annual salary to my Savings account in BNZ in 2016

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