Journey of SSCP

Good day guys,

Sorry for the long wait on a post. I have been hitting the books and yes, it is SSCP. One might be thinking why do the SSCP and not the CISSP. For one, SSCP only covers 7 CBK(Common Bodies of Knowledge) and CISSP covers 10. SSCP has a lower requirement in terms of experience for getting the full on qualification and CISSP needs 5 years in one of the 10 CBKs.

As i go through this part for preparation of my exam in November, i shall post on various things i have gone through to prepare for this exam. An interesting text ill be using as backup is the Security of Computing by the Pfleegers. I find that book to be excellent for technical security. I gave Shon Harris a pass, but i might just watch her video presentations instead. Perhaps worth a watch.

Till next time.

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