Setting up sys-admin capability for Amazon Web Services on Mac OS el-capitan


If one is starting to do AWS system administration work like i am, then the first steps you have to take to make sure AWS-CLI is installed. It can be quite tricky to install awscli in the latest Macintosh OS, the El-Capitan.

First you will need to make sure pip is installed. Pip is inherent to the latest python installation, so there is no need to follow the long pathway of running through an installation. Next, make sure you install the AWSCLI this way.

sudo pip install awscli –upgrade –ignore-installed six

The reason for this is that mac-os already has a six folder installed and it will fail the installation process and you will be wondering where you failed. So you should save that trouble!

Next, please configure your credentials by typing “aws configure”. Have your secret key and secret access key ready for this. configure it easily. Another way is by typing

export aws_secret_key=…; export aws_…. ;export aws_region=..

If this is a little tough for you; typing aws configure would do! This is step 1 done. Step 2 would be posted in my next column.

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