Couple of updates from my world

Good day guys,

Its been almost 2 weeks now since i have started work and i have to say i have learnt a lot of things within the time. The world of AWS is huge and i would say it is a separate universe on its own. You would probably take 1-3 months to get hold of what each part of the system does to suit the ecosystem. In this two weeks, the things i have learnt so far;

1. Git/Github
2. Cumulus
3. The business and technical aspects of Amazon Web Services
4. Building my first stack on AWS

Git and Github are amazing things, where one can track changes and stuff done on a particular stack or code. It works as a version control system. It is a whole world on its own, and learning it has been a joy, and also a precursor to my current role. I am still in the process of learning.

Cumulus, is really an interesting tool. It is basically used to get numerous stacks together and create a system in the right order. Now this tool is really interesting, and for one of my clients, its an essential tool to make changes and get things done. This will probably take a while to get a hold of.

In terms of the business and technical aspects of the Amazon ecosystem, it is awesome i finally got both the accreditations. I still probably have 40-50% understanding on the whole thing but i will get there soon. Hopefully.

Ah yes! I followed some tutorial by AWS and created my first WordPress stack, which includes an EC2 instance, EBS and a database. I have a lot to learn from cloudformation. This would be my homework for the coming week.

Thats all for now!

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