The explosion of technology and privacy

Hey guys, I was wondering how many of you out there are so connected that even your watch is connected to the internet. It is scary, don’t you think. Your every move, your every action is logged to a log server that monitors every switch of location and lets the big brother knows what you do.

Now does that scare you enough. I find that technology is great, it covers a lot of tasks we think as humans we cannot do, but honestly is that what we want. Where is the time we are actually spending time without any form of technology involved?

Lately there was an explosion of technology hacking in every field; cars, homeware and even police force vehicles. How far have we gone to get “very connected”? The funniest bit of story i heard was the ability of a pepper grinder to hack the wi-fi at home so the children could be on the dinner table and have a family meal. In the old times, we were “not” connected, computers were a privilege in a rich household and it did not have wifi. It was the dial up modem. One could go have a quick 10 minute meal with the family while waiting for the modem to do its work. Technology was “family-friendly” then.

With social media at its peak of usage, everything is put up there (into the invisible space). From relationship statuses, financial information to personal information with a false sense of trust. So, with a logical deduction;

If everything in your life is on the internet cloud,
You are not sure who is behind that shroud,
One can be selling your information to be proud,
Your life in real will be in doubt.

Every app you have, every social media page you are in, you are selling your life for free. Is there any worth in your own self anymore? Privacy’s biggest question.

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