Hosting game servers in this part of the world

Off topic perhaps from my usual ranting, this post is directed to Valve. 

I am an ardent fan of Left For Dead 2. I play the game with my friends using a Steam Server and my friends are located on the other side of the world. What makes it a whole lot crazy is the scarcity of servers in this part of the world. (New Zealand and Australia)
It is annoying when latency hits a nominal 900ms when i play games with i believe servers located in Seattle, WA. I cant do much either with the traffic engineering controls on the carrier circuits which does its magic to reach your servers in 900ms (RTT) i hope. My teams whole idea is to be basically host a couple of servers using Amazon AWS so that users in the Australasia region can get proper latency when they play high fps(frames per second) games. 
Given that the closest data center is located in Sydney, hosting a bunch of game servers in Australia would no doubt benefit us. If Amazon is the best route to take, at lest of our worries would only be the Data Center to Data Center connectivity, not the RTT it takes just to reach one. 
We have yet to come up with the architecture but once we do we will post it up here to get a move on. I really hope Valve hears us. Though we are pacific cousins, the gaming world should not be separated by the vast ocean. 

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