Why does my heartbleed so bad?

No its not Shakespearean literature, it is openssl at its finest. 🙂

Having said that, we all know what openssl is right? I am sure yes, in simplicity, it is one way to keep your personal traffic out of bounds for internet voyeurs. Openssl has been the go-to-person for ages. I can definitely go on and on about it but seriously this post is not about “what” openssl is.

So for that knowledge; go here: https://www.openssl.org/

This also means, you now know where to get the latest information and the latest patches for your machines. NO bloody excuses. 🙂

So why does my heartbleed so bad?

It leaks a portion of the memory content from its heartbeat extension, pretty much being a snitch for evil guys out in the open. The problem with this is.. it is an implementation bug on openssl itself and not so much a blackhat violation from the wild. Given that the heartbeat extension plays a role in securing communications, this bug leaks, out the keys and the certification you long to keep private, maybe that naughty little cheat chat you have with some person. Somebody might just compromise your reputation with this bug.

SO, hey, upgrade unless you want to play a reality tv show or a voyeur show of personal info on the internet transactions.

For more technical details : http://heartbleed.com/

Upgrade! No more excuses hey.

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