Safe practices looking after your personal computer.

A little mishap happened to my moms computer. I believe it was related to some shortcut virus going around. Not having my moms computer in front of me, disables me from checking or isolating the virus. Anyways, this is a good practice one should adopt all the time. 

1. Update your computers antivirus and OS system. This is to be done once a week at most. It is crucial. Viruses are nasty nowadays. 

2. Dont be curious by opening unwarranted emails or pop-ups from facebook, and various sites out there(porn included) as remember this sites are designed to get your information and infect you more than testing your capabilities etc. Its a form of social engineering as they know what interests you. 

3. Upgrade always to the latest OS. Especially Microsoft. Its a nasty piece of OS and everyone loves attacking it. Microsoft makes up for the huge marketshare of computers now. The latest i know, MAC only makes up 7-8% of the population. 

4. In case of a virus attack, first update your virus software, then scan it. If you are not sure how, be curious, go around the buttons and see what it does. It is a computer, not a NASA rocket. Learn it well, like your cars. It is very important.  No excuses here. 

5. Keep your contacts always ready, the same way your car breaks down, you will have to prepare for the worst for your computer. Keep the contacts and dont be nervous about it. It is normal to have an attack.  Just treat it like any other sympton. 

6. And like a car breakdown, keep some spare kitty cash for computer breakdowns. It can be expensive and when its crucial, you need it done urgently. Spend. 

7. Always have a back up computer like a ipad etc to run your emails. and go on cloud. At least you have not lost your data in regards to failure of the real computer systems. Heavy compliant standards have to be met to run cloud out there, so its safer to use it. 

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