Rules in becoming a Consultant

My journey in security starts, and I have already learnt a few lessons which are critical in learning. This is a ever growing process and this list would be denoted as the cardinal rules of living as a security consultant.

Rules can differ depending on the job you do, and therefore if the job is high level, be very clear with your fundamentals and if you are not; admit you do not have a strong base in the subject matter.

So there we go; my rule book; like Agent Gibbs of NCIS.

Rule#1: Trust. Learn to trust your team, and believe that a solution can be met as a team. You are never alone.

Rule#2: Admitting you do not know. Yes admitting can be a dent to your ego, but listen; might as well be honest than to lie all the way and your reputation goes down the drain if you cant deliver.

Rule#3: Strip the ego. We, men have lots of ego and pride. In some cultures, it is great, in some, it is not. This is a precursor to #2. Ego is built hence you hate admitting the truth. Get over it, and be a stronger person.

Rule#4: Teamwork. We have our niche, and strengths. We cant know everything. Develop the strength and work towards it. Understand your weaknesses, talk to your team about it.

Rule#5: Listen. Listening is not hearing. Listening is understanding what is needed in a job. Listening plays an integral part in #1. It can inadvertently make or break a relationship or a team. Learn to listen.

Rule#6 Follow instructions. Following instructions is important to building ones capability to learn. Instructions are often an experience or a job that needs to be undertaken and if not followed, it leads to  failure of the team.

Rule#7 Believe in your ability. Believe in your ability always to deliver a project or undertaking. Never be overwhelmed by others, You have your own strengths. Excel in it.

More to come..

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