Revisiting targets

Yes! Remember once i said i had lofty goals to achieve for the year 2014. I plan to revisit that and figure out what can be achieved and what not.

Firstly the GD, hell yeah, the GD is a crucial segment in my learning curve; what is a network without its security inputs. So thats on track; what got me really interested is the forensics side of it. Currently i am divulging into the creaks of Forensics.

Second the CCNP, that is a disappointment; not because of my capability to learn but the fact that Cisco has decided to change its syllabus to v5 to correspond with the CCIE change they did earlier this year. Given this notion; I have decided to go for the ultimate test of Cisco networking; the CCIE. Yes back to that, thanks to Narbik, INE and CBT Nuggets, that idea is very much alive.

SANS, no money for that. period. But given the opportunity, 504 and 572 is an awesome course!

Finally, the elusive job in the security industry; don’t we all dream for the stars. Still working on that big break!

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