2012 – It seems like a new life begins

Hello again,

I have to write this because its funny how my old life has begin to take a new twist again. And it seems like it is going to be a full turn of 360 degrees. Lets put it this way, It is going to be a new cycle from now on for major aspects of my life. I guess this is where i grow up to be a man. From my relationships to my real life, where work, personal life and responsibilities are concerned, its crazy how much it is growing apart. I believe it is all a test of God.
Lets start of with my relationship, it was very smooth-sailing, minus of course the hiccups of certain fights and relationship childishness, now its all gone. In a dramatic turn of events, everything i have ever got to know about being online, and being in love, is now a whisper in the wind. It is probably time for me to find something real.
In terms of job, i am at the stage where i am at the crossroads, whether this is the place and job i really want to do for the rest of my life or this is what i signed up for. Grueling 12 hours of work minus transport, can pretty much sum up a lot of things. In every downturn, i am sure there is positive outlooks along the way.
What i have pushed for so long is now becoming an immediate necessity and something of what maketh a man. A driving license. It really is something i need now. All this turn of events, will definitely force me to get my drivers license as immediately as possible. Oh well, its for the better.
My certifications too, i have been pushing all the way and now it all seems so relevant that i get it done with and clear it all before taking the next stepping stone. From my CCNA to ITIL to CISSP, all seems so relevant now and that i need to take it to move to the next level in my career.
To sum it all, for 2012, i need:
1. Driving License
3. My bosses kindness in allowing me some lateness since i dont have a proper transport now.
4. Further studies.
On another note, how i wished i listened to you, big bro Ganesh, my previous team lead and teacher, on my driving license.
Thats all for now.

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