Another day of "FML"

Today was an interesting day. I had a discussion with my supervisor.. but it seems that his mind is very fixed. We went around the bush and he suggested a “two prong” approach and my initial suggestion actually is a cost saver and a great idea. If only we could think in the same frequency of things, i think we would make a great team, my supervisor and i.

Time gets past so quickly, just finished 6 hours of my day playing L4D2 which was fun, but now i am really tired and i was thinking of doing some coding for my computer interface of my project. Nevertheless, its about having a sleepless next few days 🙂 Nescafe is gonna have a field day with me.
I am kind of disgusted with Golden Key because of their non-professional approach of doing things. The person in charge of my application was supposed to get back to me, on it but not a single word on it. Is this always going to be a Malaysian thing or is an international organisation like GK going to step up and give proper customer service. The postal is also another doomed system. The “Track n Trace” does not give a clue on whether GK has received it or not. And tomorrow i have to sort this things out, having my FYP to run.
Just hope tomorrow gets better:) And my life to be rather organised.

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