A new day, week 5

Today is the start of week 5, there is good progress to my work so far. There are little milestones i am intending to achieve for the day and i hope i achieve it. I am always known to be a procastinator but now, since i really do have nothing to do, i can somewhat focus on myself. A little hard, but worthy for my own self development.

I plan to pick up table tennis again. I hope i have partners to play the game with. And of course L4D2. Its an awesome game, so many things to master and be good in.
Work-wise, i have to perfect my circuit and conclude my literature review. It has been pending the whole weekend, me still sobering up from her moving out. Now i have got things in perspective and i know, if i were to get over her loss in my life, i have to keep myself occupied with the things i have missed all along… my work, sports and friends.
Thats it for now.

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