Rambling for the day

I had a long night yesterday, i wanted so badly to have a game of l4d2 with andy but heck the garena server decided to play against me. So i never got to play for the night. I kept thinking about me lady love in Bosnia, wondering how she is, and what she was doing when she actually smsed me and told me the answers to my questions. Talk about emotional connectivity.

Assignments are aplenty but i am not starting on any yet because i believe that a weekend is for ones private space or to be with friends. The other 6 days are used for attending to family things and university demands, that the only time u have for yourself, is just a bath or some nice nap, that i sorely miss.
I cant wait to start training with Munthif, in a way he is my idol because he plays nationals and he is very humble about it. Me, training with him will definitely increase my competency and fitness, thus keeping me fit for my lady lovey 😉
Today, i have a KPI ( Key Performance Index) to achieve, which is to
1. Complete my Optical Communications Assignment
2. Read on my literature review for distributed systems 😉
Thats it for today 🙂

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