Rambling for the day

I wanted to write about my life instead of overclocking since i believe its a bygone era for me. Right now i am in my final year, and it is pretty intense, though i find it pretty boring. Not to say i am somewhat a genius in school but the work load can be boring. Not as exciting as it was in 2nd year.

At the moment, i am in a dilemma about things i want to do once i graduate. My heart is set to two things, one would be to continue studying and then work, or to get into the work force and earn my first dough. Nevertheless, it seems i am quite used to the student life i am at, at the moment. Living in the so called Comfort Zone.
I am now, working on an assignment and a soft paper on distributed networks. I have yet to work strictly on my final year project as I need some help from my peers to review my work, as it goes along. Not easy working with people from different timezones on earth. I lack the inspiration to do greater things, though i know i am thoroughly capable of achieving it.
By the way i need to change the outlook of my blog again 😉
Anyways that is my rambling for the day.

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