Xigmatek S1284 Archilles issues

I tried installing the heatsink yesterday but looks like the 4 heatpipes are not fully utilized.. it looks too wide. Definitety since lga775 sockets are not so wide, looks like some mis-calculations has been done. I placed the thermal paste evenly across the processor, and placed the heatsink back in.. looks like it used the middle two pipes and half of each from the wide lined pipelines.

Now it seems clear why 3 heatpipes works best on the lga775 socket as the 3 pipes fully come in contact with the processor.. If the 4 heatpipes can be compacted into a size of 3 heatpipes, then Archilles woudl be god like. I will post some pictures up of the archilles, i have great reason to say that its an awesome cooler. Just that the heatpipe placements affect the performance and this makes the S1283 to be better.

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