Tweaking Part 1 – The Basics

Hmm back again and i have decided to go back to basics. More thoroughly the basics of benchmarking, tweaking! There are many sorts of tweaking, from the basic ones to the more advance level ones, at the moment i am going through the basic ones.. so that advance tweaking will be a breeze later on.

The art of tweaking is an art where if you are short of pulling a high clock on your system, you are to resort to the mechanics of the operating system or the architecture of Intel/AMD itself. At the moment i am going to focus on the Intel/Windows tweaking for Super PI 32M benchmarking.

As the focus here will be on tweaking, the speed and dividers wont be an issue, so my rig will be as following:

Proc: E6600 B2 @ 3.0Ghz
Ram: PC5300 @ 5-5-5-15

The rest at the moment doesnt play a role as the tweaking would involve the software side of it. I have also turn EIST and C1E on. Later on, we will check if this produces a difference.

Firstly, on default, whereby i am running a basic normal setup. I have put on a mono color background. This we will find out later, whether it makes any difference on a SP32M run. In a normal setup, all items are ran at normal, everything boots up and systems work like in everyday life.

SP32M – 18m 49.703s

Oh well, forgot to switch the screenie of the 2nd CPU-z to ram.. If you noticed, this is what we will set as a sample case. We will see if tweaks make this run faster or its neglegable.

On the second run, i have decided to load on a diagnostic setup whereby the operating system only loads basic devices and drivers. No LAN on this time. This is the most basic tweak, a beginner can learn when it comes to SP32M.

SP32M – 18m 45.313s

Well, a diagnostic setup helps a lot! The time has been shaved by 4.39s. The SP32M works mainly on the processor/ram corelation. The faster the processor processes and allocates, and the more emptier the ram is, to allocate them, gives SP32M quicker times. Thus, proving that it might not be 99% speed related when benching this SPi.

On the third run, i will introduce to you the SetMem tweak. This tweak will work alongside the Diagnostic setup tweak, hopefully shaving off the times to lower levels. The SetMem, limits the memory capacity to the most basic minimum, and this can help to cut short time allocating data to each register, lets put it this way, there are 200 slots in a cupboard, and having to choose randomly where to put each book into a slot, this would take some time, but if a restriction of slots are allocated, lets say 50, then the time taken would be faster to allocate them. But in the memory context, since it “goes in and out” at an instant. We will see whether this theory actually works..

To be continued….

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