Hello Acey!

Today i tried doing some benching.. and there are a few interesting observations i made..

1. A newly installed windows.. does kick ass
2.Crucial heatspreaders do nothing but store heat

On the newly installed windows, i could easily hit 3.6Ghz with only 1.55V.. which is a significant leap of voltage compared to the shit-filled os i am at the moment. Nevertheless, i am now gonna separate my oc hdd to my normal hdd. A new lesson learnt.. and yeah my guru is gonna pass me a tweaked OS to bench.. thank you bro.. and gave me new light to tweaks.. will come back to you on that part soon….

Crucial heatspreaders have been a big debate for sometime now.. its just a piece of aluminium and a 3M tape that doesnt do much.. this is a far cry from the Corsair DOminators i used earlier.. where the cooling mechanism was par ultima. Currently i am finding ways to cool down that “woman” so it can perform what its meant to.

Finally, i would like to introduce a new member to my team, AceCombat a.k.a 4c3.. he has been pivotal to my growth in overclocking during the formative years, and i am very happy that he will be a part of my team.. the link to his blog is on my “Favorite Site” tab.

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