Ram test

Just ran a test on the Crucial Ballistix for errors using the Memtest for Windows software, but no errors. Its tricky though, and i feel now that my 65nm E6600 is giving me a pain. There are a few things now in my wish list.. which is immediate.. hmm well

1. A better processor…
2. A good psu…

Today morning i tried the old hdd sp32m tweak but lolz, didnt work.. as the hdd was a tad bit too SLOW. It is the ST320212S harddisk i think.. its about 8 yrs old. Ill be getting some help from an OC guru soon, and hopefully that tweak actually works..

ON another note, i am really grateful to one man who taught me the virtue of patience, ndgoh from LYN. Hopefully ur reading my blog, bro 🙂 And i am glad to be back ocing.. in small steps.

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