Rams.. and etc

I saw the beautiful picture taken by oc43 on his team xtreem 1066. It is great to have a d9gkx on the rams. Good on you, brian 😛 My rams are doing great and i did take out the heatsink.. a part of it and i saw d9gmh inscripted and it used the 0.18micron processing. Not learned much about fabrication so well, ill leave that to the experts to figure out.

I am thinking carefully about my cooling for the ram. It seems that the heatspreader doesnt really do much. Its not hot at all. Itchy thoughts came, i wanna put a ThermalRight ram cooler on it. Maybe it would help lolz. Who cares about warranty anyways.. by then, ill be off to DDR2.
One thing to note though, this ram chips are EOL, so it is really hard to find them. I also would have to check whether this rams have an issue at top speeds.

Considering that my processor cant do 400*9 now.. its rather certain that my dividers are too high to hit the 1:1 ratio. This leaves me with little options but to get the all famed e8 series from Intel. SPi is giving me issues as well. Well ill look at it at new light, see how to work on the dividers and PL’s.

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