Crucial Ram. a.k.a new toy to play with :)

My new rams have arrived and they are the Crucial Ballistix DDR2 1066Mhz 2GB kits. This rams have d9gmh ram chips in them and are reputed to fly to blinding speeds of pc9600 @ 4-4-4-8 at least. Nevertheless, when you r picking rams, u ought to look out for this chips. For the next few days i hope, i am gonna come up with a few ram test.. of speed, and hopefully this rams will live up to my expectations and not DOA. lolz.

If youre a big fan of Crucial rams, never fail to look at the batch numbers, where batch numbers which end at 16fd5 and 16fd3 are suppose to be double sided d9 gmh chips. Good for clocking. Hopefully this assumption will hold true for the next few days.

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