My current setup

At the moment, with the absence of my “gem” ram, i am left with the current setup which is as follows:

Cpu: E6600 B2 cooled by DeepCool KillerWhale 🙂
Motherboard: Foxconn Mars P35
Ram: KVR DDR2 667 2GB
Graphics: Leadtek Winfast 7600Gt ddr3

The setup is not bad, though i cant get the ram to go to PC6400. Must be the KVR branding. Lol. So far i have only tried a 1:1 setup @ 3000Mhz and 667Mhz where by the KillerWhale did ok, at 37 @ idle and 48 @ load with a simple SP32M run. I will do a OCCT run with the graphs when time permits me. This in turn can be compared with other coolers… for example the Thermal Right True Copper. I am not sure when thats coming in to Malaysia. My testing would incorporate “in casing” tests.. because, most users will be adhere to the fact that the cooler will remain in the casing then outside.

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