Abit Doom, Foxconn Salvation

Still on the lookout for a proper image database to store all my pics, i shall leave out the glory days of the IP35-E for now and bask on the Foxconn Mars instead. By the looks of it, Foxconn Mars definitely does strike the eye of a techie, why? because its just gorgeous. It is beautiful on the outside and the Bios does all u want as an overclocker. For a newbie to work on this board, would take an effective 2 weeks or more to work around this board.

Word does say that Foxconn doesnt like petite processors like the E2140, i wonder why. It is built to serve the current wolfsdale, yorksfield, and extreme processors of Intel. I can say that for 6 hours yesterday i was trying to work on something. At least an overclock.. i manage to push it up from 200Mhz on the FSB to 300Mhz, which is a 50% overclock. Not too bad. More to come on that later though.

On the other hand, the Abit IP35-e might have had a pretty rough day with its new owner, since it did not want to enter BIOS, or even not have its ram slots work. Maybe all the work has put out the glow of this once invincible motherboard. Priced at Rm370 once, it managed a bus overclock of 517Mhz on a E6400. Which i find amazing.

Alright laterz, then. Nap time 😛

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